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Rick & Louise all about the Bikes

Track Retired 1/1/2024

Rick & Louise

Track Retired 1/1/2024


Track Action Ride Day WA 20220313

WEATHER : Started at 28 degrees, slightly overcast with the sun coming out later.  Perfect Conditions ATMOSPHERE : Everyone was buzzing yesterday, Green group was a really good group no knob heads. TRACK : No slips, track was clean, an oil spill in into turn 1 saw some riders having off’s. no injuries except to the wallet, […]

Track Action Ride Day WA 20211212

WEATHER : Started at 28 degrees, Hot and dry, the wind behaved itself and stayed away. Perfect Conditions ATMOSPHERE : Everyone was buzzing yesterday, most bookings yet 136~ TRACK : No slips, track was clean, a couple of people had some moments PITS : No power issues, Louise on warmers I didn’t bother Great turn out, room for two […]

Track Action Ride Day WA 20211114

WEATHER : Very Hot and dry, the wind behaved itself and stayed away. ATMOSPHERE : Great bunch of riders and fun times in the pit.  TRACK : No slips, track was clean, one rider should have moved up as was enjoying ‘bombing’ past other riders. PITS : Same old power issue, with overloading the circuit. Took the new bike […]

Track Action 20200205

Another Fantastic Day for TeamCave at Track Action Thought I would writing a live blog today all via my mobile phone. That’s creating the images and this page on our website. Time now is 4.47am and the temp is 22 degrees. Time to perform the morning rituals some hours prior to the normal sane timenormal […]

Track Action Ride Day WA 20200122 – Dave Moss

The day was perfect although slighty overcast. Numbers were good for Track Actions return to Barbagallo’s for 2020. Great to see some familiar faces returning and a big thank you to new faces coming to enjoy a very special day. I must admit there was a big feeling of excitment flowing through the air today, […]

Track Action Ride Day WA 20191212

Very early start for TeamCave to get to the track to help with the rest of the Track Action crew setup todays event ready to get the first session on track by 8.30am Setup and organisation flowed really well having completed the tasks in a fairly good time. Big thanks to Mark and Sam in […]

Track Action Ride Day WA 20100928

Link to the images of TeamCave on the day thanks to long time friend Steve, check out his pics that are available for purchase at his website https://sjophotography.com.au (designed and hosted by TeamCave Personal Computer Services ) Looked to be a dry warm day, perfect for the track. Numbers were good with a high turn […]

SUNDAY 11th August 2019 – Targa West Celebration of Motorsport

TeamCave and Track Action Ride Days WA Helping out on the Track Action Moto Ride Days stand with my girl Louise. Bike and trailer hitched, bikes already in the trailer (Barbs the previous day) Parked and unloaded, thanks for setting up guys 🙂 /blush. Bikes had a spruce up ready for inspection by potential rider […]

Track Action Ride Day WA 20100810

The day started with a stunning sunrise.Good show of numbers today with more turning up, and why not the forecast was perfect.Fast sign-ons, fantastic process (thumbs up).Full office for the briefing, thanks to all you riders for getting quickly as soon as it was announced. I was very amazed by (soz forgot your name mate) […]

TeamCave Track Action Track Bikes

Track Action Ride Day WA 20100804

A couple of real beauty bikes here, both Kawasaki Ninja’s. Louise’s a 2009 model still in production and is the current supersport model. Rick’s a 2008 model. Louise’s ZX6R Race Spec This 2010 model has been race prepared, with some non race items put back such as the side stand. The side stand is so […]