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30 Sep – 02 Oct

Til Next GP RACE 🇹🇭


Rick & Louise all about the Bikes

Still  Riding the Track

Growing old Disgracefully



The Yearly Big Track Adventure with at SA

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TEAMCAVE 2008 Ninja ZX-6R Track – Vendors & Manufacturers

One half of TeamCave, living the dream 💭 with my dream girl 😍, how lucky am I ? I get told to go away and work on the bikes 🔧🏍. We’ve ridden on the road 🛣 and track, raced at State Championships and embarked on open road tours. Living the dream 💑🏍🛫🐨🇦🇺🏖

Black Widow Headers

Ordered from the UK as trying to find headers for this model in Oz is pretty much impossible especially as it is a 2008 ZX-6R. There were very reasonable and postage was fairly quick. Price including postage was £333.33 around the AUD$600.

Pro Fiber Race (Fibre-Glass Fairings)

Ordered from the Slovenia and choose these over others as Louise has a set of these on her 2010 ZX-6R and have been on for years. Seeing action in the WA State Road Race rounds, Phillip Island and Tailem Bend.These have a really good gel coating so not really much need for a paint job. Pricing was excellent at AUD$ 718.16 for the fairings and AUD$ 140.19 shipping.

Revzilla Power Commander V

Ordered from the USA and they had in stock plus pricing was comparable with OZ. Since purchasing this, the unit was been superceeded, replaced with the VI model. We have bought a fair bit of kit from Revzilla in the past and shipping is pretty quick. Cost for these including postage was AUD$693.81.

AX Fasteners Bolts & Washers

Order from a local outlet in Midvale, just down the road from me. Bought some Stainless Steel M6 Bolts and a grab box of washers. Pricing compared to some other outlets is really good.

Amazon online

Good for a few pieces. This is where I found a new K&N air filter for this project. Coming from Germany. No filters at Oz suppliers until October.


The only third party filter to use, clean and treat and this lasts for ever, also less restrictive than the oem cardboard type. This adds to the exhaust flow system.


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