April 20, 2024 5:34 pm

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Track Retired 1/1/2024

Rick & Louise

Track Retired 1/1/2024

  • I had no option but to find an exhaust with a link pipe to replace the dual yoke system which would not fit on on the Daytona oem sub chassis.
  • This is stainless steel with a carbon tip.
  • I will need to tweak the belly pan slighty.
  • Take the rearsets off and undo the main bolt holding the manifold headers on and you cangently prise to get some will rook to put the link pipe on else you would have to remove the headers.
  • Beautifully clean welds on making that link pipe.
  • Great bracket which will sit behind the rearsets, out of the way.
  • I wasn’t sure what it would look like and the fitting, but it is awesome.
  • This only took 2 weeks to get here from Italy yeah go figure, I’m 4 weeks into waiting for a common part from another state.

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