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30 Sep – 02 Oct

Til Next GP RACE 🇹🇭


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Growing old Disgracefully

TEAMCAVE – TRIUMPH 2010 STREET TRIPLE 675R – Moto 2 Aero Kit Conversion – Changed My Mind Phase

After installing the forward fairings I relalised that the steerign is not going to happen due the stock bars on the triple being too high.

This did bum me out as I was liking the look. Options open to me were to install clip-ons or lower bars.

Well the lower bars I didn’t really fancy and was not confident they would clear the top of the fairings.

So today, Saturday, I decided to remove the Aero kit and reinstall all the road gear, another lost day, but I’m getting faster at this as now know what type of bolts and here certain things should be removed.

Hmm the manufacturers had sent some pics of a hybrid mix of the front and keep the Triumph Street Triple tail. One was a dark pic so didnt do the bike any favours.

So today let me have a look at some of the issues on the triple, So I’ll be needing a new front cowl, and I think the rear palte holder assebly is screwed, so damn back to thinking payout to fix those or go back to Plan A and go the MOTO2 route.

I’ve had a gut ful by now and have made the call to go back to Plan A and MOTO2 it is.


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