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30 Sep – 02 Oct

Til Next GP RACE 🇹🇭


Rick & Louise all about the Bikes

Still  Riding the Track

Growing old Disgracefully


The kit has arrived and managed to grab an hour at the weekend to have a little play with the parts. 

I could probably work where the brackets for the fairing parts go but why waste time. Found the instructions on the bbt moto site. These are a powerpoint converted to pdf by the looks of it.

Sexy IXIL Dual Matt Black Cans

Thought I would start with rear or tail cowl. This looked a pretty sexy bit of kit. Removed the fittings for the double underside IXIL exhaust bought from the most excellent XTREM PERFORMANCE AUSTRALIA loving this exhaust and did not want to lose it to a bean can low exhaust. 

Hmm WTH I could not get it to fit, the brackets removed, the CTK charger cables off, removed the pos and neg lugs still the rear would not sit down, but the front hooked into the tank hinge as it should. I was sure this tail was a extra for the kit and that all the kit + addon extras were compatible for the Street Triple.

On checking the Shop on the website it seems it is only for a Daytona, so no sexy Moto 2 rear for this baby. Yet !!

Fibre Glass Tank Cover

Yeah sorry couldnt wait the first thing I tried out of the box, all in all a good fit, no clips or tape required, just need to manipulate it on, forcing it over the sticky out side bits of the tank. It does show some small areas under the original tank, guessing a necessity so it can be put on and taken off again. No big dramas can always put some vinyl under it.

Will need to mark where the fuel filler cap is and sand a little of the fibre glass off around the existing hole so the cap can be opened.

Rizoma Triumph TF030 Black Fuel Cap

There’s this one from Rizoma @ $360 ish 😲 yeah I know that much for a quick release and for the track??? Still some have money to burn baby 👿


Middle of the road and price, this offering from Kaneg Australia at $146 is, not bad but can get cheaper for something that will look similar I think

Front Fender Risers

One of the pains with using tyre warmers on a street triple is the distance from the top of the tyre to the bottom of the fender is distance. There is not a large enough gap and as such the warmer will touch the fender causing heat spots on the warmer. You have to rotate every now and then and even then they can still burn/ damage the warmer. The fender risers remove this issue, but be aware, the rising of the fender means that the caliper to caliper brake line is no longer long enough. So you will need to swap either both lines and go for a dual from master to each caliper or get a slightly longer caliper to caliper one.

Instrument Cluster

Have to remove the whole cluster and stay, OOh still some sand in there lol 🏝😂😂

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