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30 Sep – 02 Oct

Til Next GP RACE 🇹🇭


Rick & Louise all about the Bikes

Still  Riding the Track

Growing old Disgracefully


Louise was looking through the Adverts in Gumtree yesterday, looking for something totally unrelated

When she came across this 96 SRAD 600. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/527323328912835/?ref=facebook_story_share

After putting a cull on bikes, this is one bike that has always excited me.

Straight out of the factory one of the first bikes available to the public that actually looked Rock hard race ready 🤣😅🤣

Went down to look at the bike, structurally was ok. Front mudguard broken at lower end. Rear cowl broken clip so not secured at top. Fork stanchions crosion (norm for this age). lots of chips and scratched filled in with bog ? front indicators glued in. No cracks on the major fairings, fairing decals seen better days. New battery, either battery died during storage or not charging (stator). Nice Yoshi exhaust. Had fuel leaks when came out of storage, this went back twice to finish the repair. 60K on the clock a little high for the asking price. Rear tyre good, front needs replacing and of different brand and style. Missing inner radiator plastic cowls (both sides) . Was listed as as asking $4950 I offered $4500. Seller would budge, result in a no sell for me. Was listed in excellent condition – nope. Looked on Market place the following day and is still on there.

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