January 12, 2022

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SUZUKI 2002 GSX-R750 Fit Fork Preload Adjusters

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Rick Cave

Rick Cave

Bike mad, tinkerer of the original looks. Vinyl decal demon, personalise your ride to the max. A rusty chain is neglect and very sad.

I am going to fit new heavier springs soon and want to be able to adjuster the compression quickly and easily. These adjusters seem a good solution.

Plus they add extra bling 🙂 🆒

Bling Factor Rating  👑👑👑

👑 OK
👑👑 OK, has a purpose
👑👑👑 Looks awesome, has purpose
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👑👑👑👑👑 Frostbite Cool

The Adjusters

Not expensive and a good annodised red that will compliment the levers when they arrive

Without the Adjusters

The top of the forks look pretty good as standard

With the Adjusters

Now they look better, these adjusters always get a 'what are they for ? ' 😟😟😟😟😟

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