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Address: 643 Powerhouse Rd, Collie Burn WA 6225

Friday 19th March 2021

At last a chance to come down to Collie and ride the new long circuit. It has been some 4 years or so since the last time we were down here. We left around 3pm on Friday and took around two and a half hours to get down here from Glen Forrest.

With some good tunes and my awesome wife the journey was good fun. the Jeep towing the 2 Ninjas performed well but boy does she ‘drink the juice’. We picked up the keys for the room first. Staying at the Collie Ridge Motel.

Onto Collie Motoplex which is some 15kms out of Collie itself. Through the tunnel to take you inder the track which which was pretty cool. Picked a bay and set the bikes up then met up with the Biffo’s and absolutely fantastic to meet up with a very old friend of ours ‘Jodes’ , good times.

After driving around blasting ‘Bille Ray’ out, Jamie Whitford began singing it although in low volume and cursed for now that gem was planted in his brain for a while hahah – job done.

Time for some grub, went to the Federal which is just as you go back into the town. We loved it, in the ‘beer garden’ Porter houses all round with a lager and cider to was it down. Much appeciated after a long hot day. Didn’t stay that longer as we were both pretty tired. Watching a bit of TV and a great meetup and chat with Mr B (Brendan) – our neighbour. Hit the sack around 10:30pm.

So far this trip is awesome, thinking just like a mini Phillip Island – good times. Hmm… we are both feeling happy and relaxed. I had a quick look at the track layout online. All lefts, some sharp turns and a hair pin thrown in for good measure by the looks of it.

Time now is 6am – bit greedy getting too much sleep and not used to having a lie in and about to go to the track later to ride without scutineering or other tasks to do. Don’t get me wrong really enjoyed that but after two years will be great to just enjoy the riding 🙂

MCRCWA State round is is on Sunday 21st

Saturday 20th March 2021

Up a sparrow fart – got a bit of shut eye, 5am outside for smokko then catchup on the blog before everyone wakes up. Still weird as not having to rush and think of what needs to be done what will I come across, how will I address it.

Just pure fun time for me and my hot racer chick.

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