September 29, 2021

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SUZUKI 2002 GSX-R750 Purchase Report

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Bought in December 2020. Louise was browsing and this beauty came up. The ad had only been up for 20minutes mind you. Now there may have been over new models up for sale but these gixxers come from an era when all the mid sized sports bikes did actually look different.

A few little niggles on closeup however a classic to be in this condition and km’s @ 40,000 I thought was well worth the buy.

On Checking the bike over we notice a couple of things needing attention.

  • Possible leaky fork seal
  • Front mudguard damaged (apparently by previous owner) – from a dodgy front stand.
  • A few nicks here and there, nothing major.
  • Suspension a little sluggish, I suspect from the leaky forks ?
  • Oil change around a year or so ago but still have my doubts even though the oil was translucent.
  • Tyres around 19ft lbs so the tyres are a little dubious.

No doubt will find more things when back at the workshop on the ramp.

So why did I buy it?

  • Overall in very good condition
  • 40,000k’s
  • The 750 can be pretty hard to find in this condition ?

Nearly 20 years ago when this came out I think most people stepping up from a learner or lower powered road bike wanted an entry level sports bike so went with the 600.

Those stepping up from the 600 went straight to the 1000. This left the 750 in somewhat a ‘piggie in the middle’ situation.

I have owned a 2009 GSX-R750 and know what they are capable of and that being an ideal road / track bike. Physical size of a 600 but with 30 or so more hp and not as scary as a 1000.

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