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30 Sep – 02 Oct

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Growing old Disgracefully



Typical the worst happens when you need it urgently. Louise and I were to go on a jaunt down to Margret River for a break. As per the norm for a longer rider I go to fit the Topbox rack on the Ninja 1000. This time one of the rack bolts just has no grip. Yep the thread is shot.

Pretty knackered

Tried to tap and die hoping the thread was not too worn. Nope didn’t work, pushed the bolt straight through.Β 

Was going to try a longer bolt if I had one, another fail.

Put lashings of Loctite – FAIL

Thought I might get lucky by gaining access to the far side of the bolt once through the sub frame and the grab rail – FAIL

OK give in, going to try inserting a heli coil.

Traipsed off down to Supa Cheap on a Sunday, of all days. Well that was cool the Heli Coil sets had $20 off, $50 for a set – score.

First job drill through the existing hole removing the caggage. (8mm / M8)

Making sure the drill was inline with the original, well best efforts and all that.

Did check beforehand that there was nothing behind the hole, lie an ECU.


Went smoothly, really pleased with how this going.

Looks like a pretty decent part.

Using the drill set on speed setting 1 as don’t want to mess this up.

The lug needs to be inserted so it is facing closest to the end of the insertion tool. There is a slot where the lug slides through.

The coil insert has the metal lug and there is a slight cut (see this in the pic) this to enable an easy break off once inserted

line up the coil
and away we go
Snap it off !!!

I put the coil halfway down the new channel.

Using the break tool, the lug can now be broken off (should break at that cut point)

Get you vacuum and get rid of the chaff etc…

Now fit the part and use your original bolt

Job Done

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