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30 Sep – 02 Oct

Til Next GP RACE 🇹🇭


Rick & Louise all about the Bikes

Still  Riding the Track

Growing old Disgracefully


Another Fantastic Day for TeamCave at Track Action

Track Action Temperature just right

Thought I would writing a live blog today all via my mobile phone. That’s creating the images and this page on our website.

Time now is 4.47am and the temp is 22 degrees. Time to perform the morning rituals some hours prior to the normal sane timenormal people get up.

Hook the Trailer up to the Green ‘Beastie. Loving this Holden SV6 over my XR6 sedan. The mising link now all TeamCave vehicles are Green 🙂

I guess the trailer will be the next one to feel some ‘Green’ love Luckily I run ‘Cheap & Tacky‘ a Graphihc design and vinyl decal / sticker business 🙂

Our two babies ’12’ and ’08’ ZX-6R’s fantastic track bikes. Getting strapped in for the trip up to ‘Barbs’. Looking at the right hand side – clever Louise built a wooden ramp so the bikes can easily be loaded and unloaded without trashing the belly pans and you can walk up along with the bike. Give Louise a shout louisecave67@gmail.com if you want one for yourself, also check out her website for her business Lou’s Boxes and Toys.

His and Hers ‘sippy cups’

Guess it’s time to go. Yahoooo!!

The Day has started

Great to have Badga and Krystle back – you were missed guys

“Two aweseome people and a cute couple” – everyone
First bike to be scrutineered, passed with ‘flying colours’
Other bikes already scrutineered – thanks to Wazza for helping

One of Louise’s many jobs is to marshall the lower groups. Leading out the lower groups allowing time for the riders to view and assess the track, get themselves and their bikes tyres warmed up. This is for a few laps then they are waved on to enjoy their session.

Louise leading a group

Riders hard at work playing on their pride and joys

Barbagallo Main Straight
A happy Sean
Jamie’s Fancy R6
Into the Bus Stop you go

Wednesday’s is Superlaps Day

A great addition to the rideday is the ‘Superlaps’ where you get a chance to experience race starts. Gridng up on the track, watching the lights and go go go !!! This is getting more popular everytime. You get a printout of your times, postion, lap times (a great thing to take home).

Yep I loved the look at this and entered myself after lunch

Superlaps in action

TeamCave enjoying some rivalry

Keep her away from me — please !!! LOL

Bike of the Day

“Fantastic addition to the day” – Rick Cave

On the day of an event we look at all the bikes that participate in a Track Action Ride Day. The bike we think is the best presented, different, best looking wins a discount voucher and is presented with a great plaque with them and their bike. Just an example of another feature that Track Action provides for the awesome riders that attend our events.

Today’s winner with his gorgeous Yamaha MT-09 SP is Ryan. Who is a great guy too. Well done Ryan.