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Growing old Disgracefully

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Track Action Ride Day WA 20100928

Link to the images of TeamCave on the day thanks to long time friend Steve, check out his pics that are available for purchase at his website https://sjophotography.com.au (designed and hosted by TeamCave Personal Computer Services )

Looked to be a dry warm day, perfect for the track. Numbers were good with a high turn out for the introductory group.

Great to see returning faces to grab another crack at the track.

Louise looking good, picking up speed from the get go. Passing on some of her great advice to fellow riders up for the day. Besides being hot, she has a great manner with people.

Fantastic helper not shy of hard work visit her own business website https://lousboxesandtoys.com.au

I joined the scrutineering crew ready for the increase in numbers. Good flow and not to many dramas, usual things rearset pegs πŸ™‚

Got to get on the ZX6R and had a blast around probably 3 sessions managed that day. Admiring my decals on the Ninja, sooo good.

Rock on tomorrow 29092019


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