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30 Sep – 02 Oct

Til Next GP RACE 🇹🇭


Rick & Louise all about the Bikes

Still  Riding the Track

Growing old Disgracefully


TeamCave and Track Action Ride Days WA

Helping out on the Track Action Moto Ride Days stand with my girl Louise.

Bike and trailer hitched, bikes already in the trailer (Barbs the previous day)
Parked and unloaded, thanks for setting up guys 🙂 /blush.
Bikes had a spruce up ready for inspection by potential rider customers.

James hooking in new customers at the Track Action Moto Ride Days Stand

It was great to see a lot of interest in our stands (Track Action, MotoDNA) + GoMoto on their own fantastic stand, well done the TA & MD & GM Teams.
We all have a great dynamic, happy smiley faces loving the promotion of what we do ethic. This was picked up by the visiting population of Perth.

Also Cheap and Tacky Media Design Services had a bit of interest, well they are pretty cool decals and at a fair price why not? Visit https://cheapandtacky.com.au

Cheap Tacky Decals
Awesome fair priced die-cut decals from Cheap and Tacky

Chatting to young and old alike including the very young enjoying pulling ‘race faces’ on the best looking bike there mine (my opinion, my story haha)

Rick with a nice couple
Rick with a nice couple into bikes

We had large numbers entered in the draw for a free ride day and well done to John Hall & wife for the win, happy people = win win.

Louise pulling in new customers
Louise doing her stuff pulling in new customers for Track Action Ride Days

Potential track riders taking photos and asking for pamphlets and dates. Check the pics out.
Even those that had taken a hiatus from the sport were ‘pumped’ that the track was back and Track Action had all the options to provide a great experience.

Some folks eyes nearly ‘poped’ out of their sockets when Frank from MotoDNA explained and showed the training and coaching facilities – 21st century training – modern = winner

Louise Revving her mighty ZX6R
Louise Revving her mighty ZX6R track bike

Went quiet for a bit, snore snore cars revving, motards, screw that that let’s get some more custom. The track bikes, ignition on, rev.
Yesss in they came, more interested riders for Track Action Ride Days.

Great to meet this guy, has decided to not get a cruiser but a road sports, can use that on Track Action Ride Days too. WIN-WIN

Great Day again (shhh – some of the cars were amazing too)

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