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Watch Out Newbies on the Track

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Ah a nice lesiurely cruise around a race track

Champion Ride Days 27th April 2012

This was the day TeamCave first took to the track. Nervous wouldn’t even start to explain how we were feeling !!! You could probably tell from the pictures.

I still don’t know what I’m doing – help me
Haha he really doesn’t know what he’s doing

God knows what time we woke up, oh yes we never went to sleep. Packed all the gear up in backpacks and rode up to the track. No idea where to park so we plonked the bikes in front of McCracken House at Barbagallo Raceway. Mind you the bikes were very pretty indeed 🙂


Rick 2012

So embarrassing they called the meeting, circling around our bikes, you could see everyone looking at them thinking and with the changing facial expressions ‘WTF’ are those? Patiently we waited until everyone left and stealthy moved the bikes to less conspicuous place 🙂

What the hell I don’t know what I’m doing
I’m loving this


Louise was a natural , not taking long to zip around whereas I was fighting hard to keep the bike around the outside of the track all day. What’s lines?


Overtaken by a cruiser
Geez I now cringe at this – the embrassment
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